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The definition of a knowledge based economy in which goods and services are produced through the exploitation of information. In this system, the means of production are based on the extraction of knowledge based on the accumulation of information. Image: Knowledge based economyThe information economy is one in which the goods and services produced involve a combination of intellectual and manual effort. The production process involves the use of a combination of mental and physical energy. The creation and use of machines and other devices are also involved in this type of economy. The use of such devices in such an economy is, then, an important aspect of such an economy. In the knowledge based economy, ones work and productivity affect ones life. To survive, one uses a multitude of different means and resources to achieve ones goals CNN, A gunman opened fire outside a Kansas bar early Wednesday, killing two people and critically wounding another before turning the gun on himself, authorities said. In the town of Overland Park, about 30 miles, 48 kilometers, north of Kansas City. Authorities said the gunman was an acquaintance of one of two people killed. They did not provide his name or age, and a spokesman for the Kansas City Police Department said it was the deceased who was the suspects estranged wife. The second victim, a man in his 20s, was not involved in a relationship and is not believed to have known the shooter, police said. Sam Brownback released a statement saying he was deeply saddened and outraged by the shootings. My heart and prayers go out to the families of all those killed and wounded today and to the entire Overland Park community, he said. An older man said to be the shooters father was seen driving away from the scene in a dark-colored car. Police were searching for him and were speaking with his family, police said. Two deadIn addition to the fatalities, police said a third person was wounded in the shooting, but it was unclear if that person was the shooter. A witness, Bobbie Jo Johnson, told CNN affiliate KCTV her friend, Jamie Ward, was on stage with a guitar when the shooting started. Ward was among the two people killed, she said. Johnson said she was on stage when she heard gunshots and looked down to see two men on stage. She said one of them walked up behind Ward and shot him before stepping up and shooting Johnson as well. He turned around and shot me in my right foot and my left hand, Johnson said. Her friend, Jamie Ward, was one of two people killed in the shooting. A spokeswoman for the University of Kansas Hospital said it received one patient in critical condition and one patient in serious condition with gunshot wounds to their body.

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