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Do you know anyone at the sports city. The sports cityStadium was recently renamed the Prince Abdullah, Sports City That s it, I was told tocall you when I get to the sports city. You hang up, and decide to just wait with the plans to get to the sports city. You realize that you just made a major decision, where the new location of your shop is going to be. You can either hang up and think about this for a few days, or you can start getting ready to pack and leave. You hang up, and think about your options for a few minutes. You decide that you want to stay in Jeddah, and try to find somewhere to build your new shop. While Jeddah is obviously the best place to work, given that there is a large foreign community there, you do have to look a little for work in other places – but there is plenty of work in the area, especially as the economy starts getting better there In your free time, you may want to take some extra money and go buy a house or apartment in Jeddah, if you can find a job there. In fact if you can convince the manager of Al Kamandahs that you want to move out, they have a place that could be suitable – they had a previous owner who wanted to rent it out, so the place was in pretty bad condition when he died. If nothing else, you could just live there cheaply, as they do not seem to mind that you would be moving in and would probably have space for you. You think about all this a while longer, and then call the number you got from Al Kamandah. You hear the number come back on the other end, but it seems to say No, you have to wait until today. You hang up, with the feeling you have made the right choice now. Im saying that Im staying at home doing my business. Fine, but you wont be attending the party. There are people at this party that dont like you, and arent even going to be at the party. And your companys is not really your concern since Im staying at home.

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