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You feel a little better about your situation now, but something still feels off. You decide that you better get out of here before you get too lonely. The next room has a little more furniture in it, but it looks like it is for sitting on. You see a girl with long messy brown hair wearing a pair of glasses and sitting on a large and comfortable looking purple leather chair. Her head is tilted to one side, looking at something off to the side as she keeps mumbling to herself on her own little speaker. Your next impulse is to reach for that speaker and just speak with her, but then you think you should keep a bit of distance. She may be a ghost, but you dont want to get too close. Maybe that would be the same as being nice to her. You move a little further away from that location. The next room is a little more normal in appearance. There doesnt appear to be anything in the room except a single bed and a television. There is also a window on the left side of the room. You look out that window and see a bright light. It is a little hard to see anything in the bright light, but still you see two little figures on the other side of the light. They are white, but they look just like the children in the picture you remember seeing in that old book. You see no sign of the man in the picture, but then maybe that is what he wants. You say to yourself as you sit down at the bed and put your feet in the stirrups. You take a deep breath as you try to make sense of all of this. You try to get your mind off of everything by concentrating on breathing in and out. You are successful for a short time, but then you start to feel a little odd again. You are still here talking to that spirit who is just waiting for you, but something is off. The feeling is different and your mood, however, hasnt changed. You dont know how long you have been sitting there, but eventually you decide that you need to get up. There have been a lot of things that have happened that you probably just dont have time to sort out right now. In the front of your mind, though, is still the feeling of this spirit who has been waiting for you for so long waiting for you to leave. You know she would like to see you and talk to you, and your mood hasnt changed, but something is different and you just need the space. You decide that you will leave this room and head out the front door. You then notice that the front door looks like it is open.

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