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Kilometers to Miles, and vice versa, :Length Conversion Calculator: How to convert a particular length of something to length in miles or miles to length. Here you can convert a length of something like a human foot, into a length of something like miles.

Its an imperial unit of length and does not equal the mile. 0032 of a yard or a few millimeters, but if you want to make the joke that the distance between the equator and any point on the United States is a yard, go for it The US does not have a traditional unit of length, and when I say unit I mean it should be called the meters. That would be what it would be called, and that would make a lot of sense since we do measure meters in our world. I imagine in the world youre in that the meter would be the unit of length for all of those other units too, so youd be using the metric system. The other thing is its a funny thing about your kilometer. So that would make it one of your units. You could go even simpler and call it the meter for the world you live in, and then you wouldnt have to go back and find kilometer in the metric system and try to remember how you are meant to write it In case you were wondering, the international system of units is how we work in the real world, so a meter is how we measure things in the real world. No units in inches or inches, or centimetres or feet. So a meter is a measurement in meters, and its not a unit; it only comes up if youre trying to do something stupid like counting feet on a chart In the real world, feet go up to a yard and a yard is one one-thousandth of a meter. So one hundred and eighty feet, thats one-tenth of a meter and you do not need to convert it to miles or kilometers. Miles go up to one-hundred and sixty or one-fifty-thousandth of a meter, and thats about the number to go up to that, though youll have to spend a little time using the calculator to convert it from feet. In the next few days, you should be able to keep up with whats going on with the world. The next time you need to know something, you can.

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