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C-The book you had been holding had been a book about the earth that Dr Fuman had found while looking for something else. He had been given the book from the girl that had found it on a mountain peak and it had been on the shelf where you had found it. It had been a pretty strange experience all throughout it all. The two of you walked down the mountain side and eventually entered a cave that Fuman had found. Fuman had said that the cave was at a much higher place than he had expected to find so when you got into the cave you had to be careful. Fuman opened the door and he and you stood in the opening of a room with a lot of furniture. The furniture was mostly old and the room smelled of old books. A few of the books were on the walls and others were on chairs and furniture. All of them looked exactly the same and all of them were old looking. Fu Man was now looking at you and you couldnt figure out why you were acting this way since you hadnt seen him since he had come to get you. You were about to admit it when you found out that Fu Man had noticed you. You didnt say hello to me when you brought me to the mountain top. Your voice was small, you didnt think it would show well out here. Why dont you tell me who you are right now. You werent really sure how you were suppose to answer that but you just started to tell him. Im sorry, I just came here for help with what I was told to do and when I realized I couldnt find you in the room, I ran outside. Fu Mans gaze was on you more intently and he didnt seem to be answering. All you could do was try to come up with an excuse. Fu Man was silent for a second but then he spoke. Tell me, are you sure it wouldnt be better if I just left you alone right now. I mean you cant really do anything to me. You had never been in a situation like this before and it was scary. You really couldnt see yourself in this position. You really werent but you couldnt help saying it. Fu Mans ears perked up a bit when he heard this. You could hear some of the old peoples voices from before and they seemed to be.

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