Key appliance to avoid to save up to £200 a year on energy bills

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Sam Whillance, from DealTown has urged Britons to avoid using their tumble dryer to save hundreds of pounds each year. Struggling families will be keen to make energy savings now as energy bills are set to increase next month.

Mr Whillance said: “Tumble dryers are a significant energy drainer, and if you are using your tumble dryer multiple timers per week, this will be ramping up your monthly energy bill.

“If you are running a standard condenser, or a vented tumble dryer twice per week, this can cost upwards of £200 per year to run.”

Research from Uswitch found people in the UK together use some £18million worth of electricity every week on tumble dryers.

People can reduce their costs but still effectively dry their clothes using a dehumidifier. Uswitch data found households will only pay £19.24 on average each year for the device.

Mr Whillance also encouraged Britons to look at investing in smart plug strips, as these can accrue big savings over the long term.

He said: “Although they may seem like an unnecessary additional cost at the time, smart plugs and smart plug strips are a worthwhile investment for saving money on electricity bills in the long run.

“Smart plugs and plug strips will automatically switch off the power to products that go into standby mode, such as your television.”

Energy bills are set to increase in April for many households in England, Scotland and Wales, as the £400 energy bills discount comes to an end.

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This was paid in six instalments with the final £67 instalments sent out to households this month.

People can also save money on their energy bills by being smart about how they use their washing machine.

James Bell, at Grainger plc., said people can save up to £34 by using their washing machine more efficiently.

He said: “Washing on a lower temperature such as 30C is an easy way to conserve energy. As are short eco-washes, which normally take 15 mins per cycle, shortening the length of time your appliance is in use.

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“Alternatively, you could reduce use of your washing machine entirely to operate once per week.

“Similarly, as the days get brighter and temperatures rise, there’s no better time to cut back on use of your tumble dryer.

“Switch out tumble drying for a low-cost airer and take advantage of the warm air to naturally dry clothes in your home.”

Another way to reduce a household’s energy usage is to make sure appliances are turned off at the plug and not left on standby.

Although the energy bills discount is coming to an end, Britons may also want to check if they are entitled to further cost of living support from the Government.

People on certain means-tested benefits, including Universal Credit, are to get a £900 cost of living payment over the coming financial year.

The funds will be paid in three instalments with the first payment arriving in people’s bank accounts in spring 2023.

People on disability benefits are also to get an £150 payment and pensioners are to get a £300 payment.

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