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A researcher 3 would dance on the head of a class anyway. A researcher 4 is an organized investigator who can discover something in a matter of seconds instead. An organized investigator has to uselook for different types of evidence to decide what tomakeinvestigate. You interrupt the organizer to point out that they cant be classified as both. He looks down, mutters something back and tries a different angle. You see the expression on his face change from anger to sadness, before he finally says in a disappointed tone Im sorry, but I am not an investigator. He then walks off, leaving you with your feelings. You decide to leave it at that and continue on your way. This is only the second incident that youve been involved in that caused you to give up on a situation. The first was a long time ago with the old man. He was a real asshole, but for the most part, you werent really averse to your job. Though lately that seems to have changed, in a bad way. You get back from work, find a seat at the table and start looking through your mail. Some of its about the same old stuff you get, others are a bit more interesting. The only thing that catches your eye is an email from the university that says: You click on the word newYou open the email and read the message. Professor,I received your message yesterday about the new research facility and some of the materials that will be needed at this new operation. It seems that most of the materials you mention will need to be brought by trucks from other locations, which is a fairly long trip. It doesnt help that the roads are currently covered in snow. Since I am planning to do some fieldwork in this area to gather more information on this new town, I think I will need to know more about the people that are currently living there. Would you mind if I call up one of my colleagues from the university and ask them if he could give me a description of the people living up there. I know that you said that this new town was still in its early stages of development, so what.

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