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You sign upAt this point you cant say you arent surprised, and you dont even know why you are; but you do sign up for the newsletter hoping there is some interesting news or gossip from around NFL circles. It takes you awhile to even complete the sign up process, but when you do, you see that the ESPN email you got is from the same one you received from ABC News; you look at it and see that it is the same one with the same address, and so forth. You also see that the name of the person who wrote to you is still the same. While you havent seen any of the things your friends have, you do notice a few things you didnt notice before. For one, youre actually going to be in a whole lot more contact with your family than you previously thought. You also realize that you are going to miss a lot of things of what has been going on, but you still think that this is going to be for the better. You continue to sign up for all the ESPN email that you can; they are all the same address from the same person, but youve got different subject lines. You go through the newsletters carefully and try to keep up. You are a little surprised when you see that some of the articles are pretty interesting. Eventually you see an article about yourself, specifically that of the day of your first Super Bowl victory. You are a little surprised that ESPN would bother to pick up a first hand account from you, especially after your game winning touchdown in Super Bowl XLV. You read about the celebrations by your teammates after the game, and how you were glad when they got the heck out of the way of the mob that was attacking you. Then the article goes on to say Now that you are an NFL superstar, you are going to be used a lot more in the future, including by them. The team is using you to create some more money for them: They plan to sell or rent out your image and likeness to the highest bidder to promote whatever their next product or event. And that product or event could be as cheap as a movie or as expensive as a television show. This is just the first step of a much bigger deal they are planning. They will probably get you to endorse their product with your image, and perhaps even your voice, at least in the states. Youd hate to disappoint your people, wouldnt you. The second step is that they will try and get you to endorse some product or service, like new cars, or clothing, or whatever. And then they will use you for some sort of commercial as they call it. Dont you want your picture to be used for a product commercial for new cars, for example. You are really going to hate yourself if you don.

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