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The contrast between The world and the people on The world and the The world and The. Mike Lee of Utah announced he was voting for Hillary Clinton for president on Wednesday. Lee had announced his opposition to the Democratic nominee less than a week ago. Lee and other congressional Republicans say they want to maintain congressional checks on the executive branch to prevent a Republican president from undoing long-standing policies adopted by the previous White House. Trump also faced a rebellion within his own party over his pick for running mate, Indiana Gov. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, who was once a top contender for the position, announced on Wednesday that he was withdrawing his name from consideration. John McCain of Arizona, who also was a contender for the vice presidency, announced that he would support a Republican nominee despite his objections to Trump. The last time you saw your parents, they were arguing. M going to throw you in the fucking street. You were three years old back then. T hear that kind of shit from you and took you into the basement where there was less room to argue. You had to sit, frozen, as you heard them exchange a stream of profanity. T know anything was wrong, I thought I was just having bad dreams. Yeah and you lied to us, the both of you. My brother was fucking crazy, he made us all drink piss and shit and he was never the same again.

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