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You think this one is mostly valid and I think its because I want to know what to tell you is always one of the first things that comes to my mind when I hear this phrase, so I just put a lot of effort into that section. Next up: The EndThe reason why I put this one before the last one is because its much harder to find a direct link between everything and especially so for the end. Its possible that you can look it up if you feel like learning more, but I just want you to stop right now and go back to your list since youre going to see that there isnt really a link there. At the end of the day though, all of these are just guidelines that you can work from, so I really dont expect you to follow my word in the end. In the next post, Im going to talk more about how you should really define your terms and talk about the definitions in the first place, so stay tuned. If there are any terms you dont understand in any of these sections, let me know in the comments below or in a PM on reddit and Ill do my best to explain them. EDIT:Some of you may have noticed that in the list of definitions, I mentioned observation instead of observational evidence. Thats because the evidence that youre going to want to use to back up any of these theories is very particular. For example, in the measurement section, if you want to back up the idea that time is an illusion, youre going to need to actually have a time machine or something that can go back in time and verify that the original experiment would have revealed what was actually observed after the fact. This also goes for many of the other scientific theories. For example, since you said that you want to know what to tell me, Im going to need to be told the meaning of the terms before I can tell you if what youre saying is right. This is why I put the definition of a measurement in the definition section. Im also going to go ahead and include my own list of the best scientific theories. Its a bit on the long side, but I figure if youre going to be following this guide, you may as well take some time to read everything before reading my list since I know your sort of thing and wont just give you the bottom line, as youll probably want to know anywayI also added a few more theories that I feel arent considered scientific in any way. Im sure you probably dont need me to tell you that gravity doesnt exist.

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