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But then the money you need is still only worth one-third of the British Pound, but if you just convert it to your own currency, it works out to be worth a million, for that youll have to wait until the next month. You could always keep a small amount of money in a small pouch in your pack, or maybe a small coin purse in the pocket of your dress. You might even keep a few small bills in the pockets of your boots. There is an old saying, that money is worthless unless it is in someones hands: so your next decision should be to use it. You wait until you can get moreYou decide how much you are going to spend and what to get, and you will find a way. You have made up your mind, and the last thing you want is to get the wrong idea about what you are meant to be doing. You might as well start your trip before you are actually supposed to leave, as it will give you time to decide the best way to do things. You go shoppingYou pack as youd pack for any adventure you might embark on, but this time you also have a briefcase with a few of your more prized possessions. You take a look at some of your more special things in a little shop. In your bag is the small bag with the silver coins which you bought to start with, and the one you took back from the inn. You had not thought about using them since you were so upset about them being stolen, but they are now worth more than the pound, which you are using. You also have an old leather bag in which you stowed your coins when you first arrived in this place, but that is also empty now. You have no money to spend any more, but you can easily make up the shortfall.

Information about Uk currency