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This definition, which has been in force since 1920, includes a couple of interesting things. It points out that there is a limit as to how far a court can go in judging the lawfulness of actions, which is the extent to which a court may decide If the defendant is not guilty, then the defendant is not guilty. The limit as to how far a court can go as the extent to which they can judge whether an act is a reasonable means of effecting a lawful end, such as in the question I put in the case. What it doesnt define is the other aspect of what can be given a judicial review, and that is the nature of this review. It states that it can only take place in respect of the decisions of the Executive Government or of its agencies, and it gives no guidance as to what the nature of a judicial review is, and how it can be brought about. All it says is that it must only take place in respect of legal decisions under the Constitution, and what those are it doesnt specify. The definition, however, contains a definition of a legal decision, which can be read as meaning a decision made by the Executive Government under the Constitution. In other words, the definition of it being a legal decision is itself a decision to review legal decisions. If so, then this definition fits the circumstances of the case with a perfect fit. I am satisfied that it is not only appropriate to review the legality of the decision of the Attorney-General to send me to South Africa, but it is necessary to do so because of an error in his legal advice that was tendered in evidence to the court. It is not necessary to do so simply because I am a mere observer of the action. The only other possible argument I have is that there is no reason at all to be bothered about the legal issues involved. If the definition of legal is such that it encompasses a review of a decision of the Executive Government, then it also encompasses a review of the legality of the way in which I was selected as part of the process to be sent to South Africa, which it seems to have been without any regard to my qualifications or to the advice I had to give. Moreover, in this case it is not merely a political matter. This involved a very important matter of constitutional principle, which I think is being compromised by the failure of my former employer not to provide me with a fair hearing.

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