Josh Holmes slams liberal media's silence on bombshell immigration footage: They're 'basically complicit'

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Josh Holmes: Media is complicit in keeping Biden’s migrant policies secret

Holmes, the former chief of staff to Senator Mitch McConnell, argues President Biden’s immigration policies should be a ‘top of the list’ priority for Republicans.

Josh Holmes, former chief of staff to Senator Mitch McConnell, called out the liberal media for the lack of coverage on the bombshell footage showing illegal immigrants being released into the United States. On “Outnumbered” Thursday, Holmes said the mainstream media is “complicit” given their failure to report extensively on the Biden administration’s border policies. 


JOSH HOLMES: Thank God for Fox News, because otherwise, I don’t think anybody would know anything about this. They were talking about having it get out to the media. I think the rest of the media other than Fox is basically complicit in this. There’s no sort of curiosity whatsoever. I must have missed the statute that passed the House and the Senate that allowed for transport of illegal immigrants to unsuspecting communities across this country.

I didn’t see that happen. I didn’t see the White House put a policy paper out on that. I didn’t hear anybody talk about what that could mean to the communities where these illegal immigrants end up. Nobody’s talked about it. And the reason is they’re trying to keep it secret. Thank gosh that this thing has been exposed, and we can hopefully push for some answers. … Republicans, should they regain power, 100 percent this needs to be at the top of the list. 


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