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Is a close friend and close relative of Mourinho and the former Tottenham player is Tony Hoddle. The two former Spurs stars are both unhappy with the current manager and the manner in which the new one is being run. One of the stars is quoted as saying, He doesnt have the same it as Jose did. The other star is quoted as saying Redknapp, is a great player and a great person. Maybe he could still do the things Jose did, but I just dont think hes cut out to be a manager and hes not cut out to be a manager of a club like Spurs. Is it that all of it is too much for him and hes going to step aside. He doesnt want to stay and hes already said hes not in anyway interested in taking over a struggling club, Or is this a case of two players just being overly concerned with their jobs and it being out of line to the point that theyre going to get in each others way. You let them get on with itIts probably the latter, if the reports are accurate. And since theres no indication that this is going to cause a rupture in the relationship, your first step is to allow the two players to conduct themselves as they wish. The two stars are not the only ones not pleased, however. Some, such as you, are more worried about the team getting embarrassed than the present situation with Mourinho and the team. The players are not the only ones unhappy with Mourinho and the situation, either. Youve never been on the bad side of the Tottenham fanbase, though. You think theyve been generally reasonable; you have no idea about the rest of the fans you think are idiots who dont deserve to watch football even if they hate your team. On the other hand, Mourinho seems to enjoy the situation as his side win against Spurs 3-1. He says,Its over to the bitter end and weve certainly not lost yet, but I think we have a lot more to play for. As for the players, well, their day is still not quite over.

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