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You stand up, and you dont have time to feel guilty. Then, you remember something you never went to the door for. The coach notices you and lets out a sigh. He walks forward towards the living room. Because I dont want you to get into trouble. You head to the door and enter the living room. You wait for a minute, while the coach sits on a chair nearby. The coach is doing something on the TV, but you arent listening in the living room. He stands up as you enter and goes to the TV to talk to you. It is a long story, and Id like you to watch while I tell it. Five minutes had passed by when he suddenly starts writing out some words. He starts by writing out the words In the beginning. And then then he continues onto When the sun comes up. Then you see the coach write out the words It is a well. A picture of Jesus wearing a purple robe appears on the TV screen. You start to say, but youre interrupted by the coachs voice. You look back and see the coach turning off the TV. You hear the coachs words in your mind. He knows he does not have much of a choice. You exit the Coachs office and head up the hall. You start to sit on the couch you brought in. As youre doing so, you notice a television on the wall.

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