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As much as its comforting thatsthe best part of a your job. Do you have a college degree in one of the following professions. :Your potential new employers situation might be different from yours. To make things easier, the study commission recommends that you complete all three of the following items:The study commissioned by the Bertelsmann Stiftung suggests several reasons for this:The best-known explanation for the low unemployment rate in Germany is a long-running cultural consensus that migrants are necessary to solve Germanys demographic crisis. Has created a surplus of labor and kept unemployment low. In Germany, as in the United States, there is a widespread perception that immigrants are productive and highly educated, making them an excellent fit for the countrys high-skill labor market. Finally, the third explanation is a result of the German economys growth. The country has benefited from rapidly increasing demand for its products thanks to the euro zones integration and from the economys steady growth since the millennium. In fact, the study commission recommends that you complete the survey by the deadline of February 2019. You spend the next couple of days studying, and when the deadline arrives, you do indeed complete it. You were able to complete the survey in just over two weeks. When you present your results at the meeting, an official from the Bertelsmann Stiftung comes to your office and hands you a small piece of paper. You have successfully completed the study, the official says. Ive answered the questions correctly, but I dont have a high school diploma. Well, you can start over, he says. Now, can you please start signing here. It says you have a minimum of a high school degree. But, thats not a high school degree. Its not even a high school equivalency certificate. The official says, because I thought you didnt know what a degree was. When you finish signing the paperwork, the official gives you a piece.

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