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Just wait it out and hope that eventually it will all get better. You wait it outIts too late to change anything now. We should just stick with trying to hide from the future. We can always try to find new places if we need to. We could start searching out new houses, but that would get pretty hard with all the media attention that would be on the area right now. You try to start a new life elsewhereWe could try to find a new place to live. I have to say, its a little disappointing to me that the only thing Ive managed to do with this family is give them a name. We cant just be like the other people who are dead. We have to try to start a new future now. We could move to a town where we have more relatives. You could let me take care of this one, but I know I wouldnt get along with the family there. I could go to my Aunt Kates, which is a few hours north of here. You could try and contact your old high school friends to see if theyre still around. You could try and reach out to any relatives you have here or contact my father. Or you could just call him at the hospital and talk on the phone. You could always live in your van until it breaks down. You could just be a normal person and live. Ive always felt that if we just kept to a normal routine we could live in a routine future. I wish the best of luck and hope to see you again someday. Good luck in whatever you plan to do in the future. We may have had our struggles, but we always managed to keep it together. Its about time we start trying to make the most of this opportunity. Love,Your MomYou hang up, but you.

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