Jesse Watters: There is no bigger hypocrite than Stacey Abrams

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Jesse Watters: The COVID pandemic party is over for Democrats

‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ host blasts the Democrats for hypocrisy during the pandemic.

Jesse Watters said Democrats are now realizing their reign during the COVID-19 pandemic is over and blasted Stacey Abrams for what he believed was blatant hypocrisy on Monday. 

“There is no bigger hypocrite than masquerade Stacey Abrams, who writes erotic novels and gets all-star games canceled in her free time,” he said on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

Watters was referring to a recent photo of Abrams maskless surrounded by masked schoolchildren. 

He said, “Here she sits around maskless, grinning ear to ear, but literally everybody else in the room was masked up. Read the room, Stacy. She is completely oblivious to the suffering around her.”


Watters said he thinks the left is “waking up” after being shaken to their senses on their extreme pandemic policies. He believes U.S. leaders implemented the policies for their own interests, and not for the wider American public.

“I’m not saying COVID is no longer a risk – it certainly is. But not to most of us. The most vulnerable to COVID are the old and the overweight. The people who run the country happen to be just that,” he said. “So they all got scared of getting sick [and] they made up a bunch of asinine rules to protect themselves and punish everyone else. We were lied to about lockdowns, mass school closings and COVID treatments.”

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Watters pointed out that the experts haven’t always gotten it right about the science. “When soda was first introduced, it was considered a miracle cure, and it was actually sold at pharmacy counters all across the country. Then later, [they say] sugary sodas kill people and make us all diabetic. This is what society does.”

After the backlash ensued on Twitter over the Abrams maskless photo, the tweet was deleted. A campaign statement was released that blamed critics for launching a “false political attack.”

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“It is shameful that our opponents are using a Black History Month reading event for Georgia children as the impetus for a false political attack,” the statement said.

Watters quipped back that he “thought for sure she’d use the L.A. mayor[‘s] defense and claim she wasn’t breathing.”

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