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The next day, the CBS website has a new story: Jeffrey Epstein. A new story about one of the people linked to the Clinton Foundation. A new story about Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged sex slave. Suddenly one page of the story has been replaced by a page of ads. For a limited time, CBS News is offering a special CBS News Special Report. 1,299 for the limited edition Fat Leonard and Fat Lady versions of the Special Report, viewers can purchase the following CBS News Special Reports: The Clinton Chronicles, which tells the fascinating and often unbelievable story of how a billionaire and his friends became a powerful political force in the United States, including the President of the United States. The program features interviews with investigative journalist Robert Parry; William Jeffress, the Southern Baptist minister who has become a staunch defender of Bill and Hillary Clinton; and investigative journalist John Wheeler who spent several years digging into Hillary Clintons role in the Whitewater real estate venture that sank the Clintons political career. A look at how a billionaire who is friends with former President Bill Clinton and British royal family member Jeffrey Epstein allegedly facilitates orgiastic sex parties involving wealthy, powerful and famous people from beyond the United States borders. Then theres the CBS story about Donald Trumps private plane being forced to make an emergency landing after coming close to hitting a flock of British Turkeys. This story comes from a single source, the Daily Mail. An American-registered plane called Hope, named in the press release as one of the oldest operating aircraft in the industry, was taking off from London on its way to New York from Charles de Gaulle Airport. It was heading to LaGuardia Airport, where it was to depart, after dropping off members of the American delegation to the United Nations General Assembly. The plane in question was the one that Trump is using to fly around and around in between his Mar-a-Lago and his offices in Trump Tower. The two planes collided on the tarmac, the Daily Mail reported, and the smaller plane hit the ground with such force that it flipped over and went into a spin. The smaller plane then impacted the tarmac some more, before coming to a halt.

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