January 12th 2020

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The day of the week is less important than the fact you are going to be spending the majority of the day with your girlfriend and the rest of the time with your friends. While your girlfriend may not think your life is really all that amazing, you just need to make yourself feel better. You go to the arcadeThe last thing you need is to go out and act like a loser at a regular job where you are a loser. And thats exactly what youre going to be doing when you go to the arcade. The idea that youre going to be out there looking like a complete idiot is terrifying, but hey. Youre going to have to get out of this house eventually. So whats one more night out in a place where you get to play video games with the people you love. You open the door and step outside your house. Hey, its been a while, you mumble, as you start walking to the car. You see your mother sitting in her car. She smiles as she looks at you, and speaks softly, I missed the both of us. You chuckle and reply in kind, Yeah, well Im glad to.

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