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You continueYou continued to make your way down the street, but no longer in the direction of the university. You were not on a street, but rather a dirt road, leading south towards the outskirts of town. You stopped when you reached the end of that road and looked up. The front lawn and front yard of the house were fully illuminated with lights. The front door was open, and you saw a man holding a lantern walking down the street towards you. He was dressed in a black suit and a white shirt, and his height was not high. You did not think your eyes could be any wider than they were, but if anyone else could see, they would certainly have recognized him. You continue forwardYou were not sure whom to approach first, so you simply continued forward. The man was standing next to the house and seemed to be looking in all directions, but he did not notice you right away. He looked like he was just trying to check that the lights on the house were working correctly before he opened the door. He opened the door, and when he opened the door, you saw him. As soon as he saw you, he turned his lantern on, and he did it in such a way that light shone down onto you even from the highest position possible. You, for your part, was caught off guard by this. He opened the door, and you both entered. You enter the houseYou did not know what kind of house you were in. The house was large and dark, except for the light in both windows. The door was wide open, and there was a staircase on the right. You could see a large sofa, a large dining table, and even a large bathroom in the next floor. But you were here now anyway, so you would like to know more. You explore upstairsThe stairs were very steep, but you wanted to see where you were going so you took them. The lights on the stairs were low, so you were hesitant to go any higher, but the landing seemed to have something on it. The room was small and square, with a huge window that looked out over the city. The floor was very soft, and you could almost feel the floor under your feet. Your eyes looked up, and you could see a table, chairs, and a clock. The clock was very old, so much so that its hands did not move.

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