Jacksonville mayor reveals partnership with Jacksonville Jaguars, downtown development

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Jacksonville mayor dishes on partnership with Jacksonville Jaguars

Mayor Lenny Curry reveals a project with the NFL’s Jaguars and other Jacksonville city development on ‘One Nation.’

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry revealed what is to come for his city’s downtown Saturday on “One Nation with Brian Kilmeade.”

MAYOR LENNY CURRY: There’s a lot of unfulfilled potential downtown. When I got into office in 2015, I inherited $2 billion in pension debt that had been ignored. It was crippling our budget. There was no money to spend on downtown or infrastructure around the city. I put forth the plan [to] reform that. We solved that problem, and we’ve been doing things downtown to prepare it for development. There were old buildings that had to be knocked down that had been neglected and left behind — the Jacksonville Landing, which was not of good use anymore. Another condo that collapsed over a decade ago that people left on the waterfront that I was able to finally take down. These are things that are preparing for major development on a riverfront. So we now have the funds to do it. 

We’ve just partnered with the [Jacksonville Jaguars] and with Shahid Khan on a sports performance complex. We also have a major deal that we’ve agreed upon, on a Four Seasons and other development on the riverfront across from the stadium, also including tens of thousands of square foot in a museum of science and history that will be relocating downtown. So yes, projects in the works with him.


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