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Shakeup is A Series Adapted By The Creators of American Dad. The Series Is Abercrombie Seth 719 721 724 724 -You walk into the living room and see Kyle still in his pajamas. Yea, I was up all night watching cartoons and shit. Kyle, you dont need to be up all night if you dont want to be. You stand in the living room doorway waiting for him to finish so you can finally do something. Hes standing in the doorway looking at you in confusion, like he doesnt know what youre talking about. He looks at you and you feel like youre losing your cool, you keep going over the same points over and over again. He slowly stands from the doorway and turns around. Because Im not crazy, and Im not going to live here anymore. Hes still shocked and doesnt want to agree with you. Im sorry, but were all just going to have to live in separate houses. You dont have to move out, but you are going to have to make a decision. The question of whether or not you really do have a mental illness and dont want to live here anymore has already begun to set in. If you really are serious about not wanting to live here anymore, I cant stop you. But Im sorry, I cant stop you from leaving. There isnt much I can do for you, besides the living situation isnt very nice to me. You stare at him blankly, you didnt expect any of this to be true. We could talk about this more later, Im just not in the mood right now. For now, you need to get dressed and get your stuff because Im leaving this house.

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