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The ruling family in a theocracy is often the only one that is known to anyone else. Often, the ruling people find that they can receive a positive response from a people that had nothing to do with them. Sometimes they just feel a sense of power which allows them to receive a positive response from thepeople theyclaim to bethegovernorof. We live in a theocracy, where the ruler is God, and God is the ruler said Sheikh Abdul Nasir al-Hindi, aka Abu Muhammad, in a recent interview. The government of the Islamic state and its authorities are in the hands of God, and Gods hands are above the government of the Islamic state. The government is not in the hands of any individual, nor is the ruler a man like you or me. The ruler is not the head of anyone, nor is he the head of any institution The government is not the ruler, but the ruler rules. The government is not God but Gods representative on earth. We call the government the peoples representatives, not peoples rulers. 872-932, A theocratic government is a system of government where the divinely appointed leader or anointed ones, often referred to as rulers, is in complete control of the government, a regime of ruling over the entire country. The ruler rules as Gods representative, and the government is his body or authority. To call a ruler and anointed ones who are above all else Gods representatives is to imply a complete control over the government that is complete as far as its laws are concerned. This is seen in the situation when the ruling monarchs, or the leaders of the people, are deceived as it were, and when they are not at the helm of the.

This article about Theocracy pros and cons