Is PIP being scrapped near you? 1000s could lose out on key disability benefit

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Justin Tomlinson gets questioned on PIP assessments

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Personal Independence Payment will be scrapped for recipients in Scotland next year. The payment will be replaced by Adult Disability Payment for those with disabilities, long-term illnesses, and mental health conditions living north of the border – and there will be a number of changes that come with it.

ADP will be available for those aged 16 to the State Pension age.

The new system will initially be piloted from spring, 2022 before becoming available to all Scottish claimants in the summer of the same year.

New claims will be accepted in the pilot scheme from spring 2022 – a firm date has not yet been set for applications. has everything you need to know about the new and improved scheme for Scottish residents.

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How are claims assessed?

The system will change a number of the hallmarks used when making a PIP decision – many of which are likely to be a relief to claimants.

The scheme will significantly reduce the number of face-to-face assessments that have long been an essential part of getting PIP – and one of the much-maligned parts of the application process.

Claimants will no longer be asked to carry out tasks to demonstrate how their disability, long-term illness or mental health condition affects them as part of the application process.

Most consultations will be carried out over the phone, but can also be face-to-face in a GP surgery or even at home, based on the needs of the person applying.

The decision will be based on the applicants account of their circumstances and evidence from health and care providers, such as a social care needs assessment or a report from a community care nurse.

The change is due to consultations done by Social Security Scotland, who found the assessments to be “the most stressful part of the process”.

A DWP spokesperson said: “Our latest survey shows that 82 percent of PIP claimants are satisfied with the overall service they receive from us and we continue to work closely with stakeholder groups and assessment providers to continuously improve the overall experience.”

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Who is eligible?

Eligibility criteria is similar to PIP, and is a benefit is for people who meet the following criteria:

• You are aged between 16 to State Pension age (now 66 for both men and women)
• You have difficulties with daily living or getting around outside your home (or both)
• You have had the physical or mental difficulty for at least three months and expect it to continue for at least nine months

How much will I get?

ADP will maintain the current two components used in PIP – daily living and mobility.

Based on current rates, the standard rate will be £60 per week, and the enhanced rate will be £89.60.

The additional mobility standard rate is £23.70, and the enhanced rate is £62.55.

Unlike payment awards on PIP, ADP will be rolling with no set end date, and reviews will be designed to be as non-intrusive as possible.

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