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Deepfakes are an evolving form of artificial intelligence that make certain media appear to be real – even though they are not.

For example, videos have emerged previously cropped up online of political figures or celebrities saying things they never said.  

What is DeepFaceLab?

DeepFaceLab lets users swap faces on any image or video.

Developed by sf-editor1, the app is said to be a leading source of some of the deepfake videos circulating the internet at the moment.

The tool doesn't just let users replace the faces in an image or video, however.

DeepFaceLab also lets users change the head of a person, alter the ages of face and even manipulate lips for speeches. 


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Is DeepFaceLab free?

The tool is free, but needs to be downloaded onto a PC if you want to use it.

There is currently software available for Windows computers.

What is a deepfake?

"Deepfakes are a form of artificial intelligence in their compilation of doctored images and sounds that are put together with machine-learning algorithms," according to US cybersecurity giant Norton.

"They're forged video and audio that are designed to fool you."

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DeepFaceLabs is just one of the apps used to create deepfakes.

The movie industry has used similar technology for decades.

But in recent years, it has been deployed to sow confusion and fear online, by state actors and criminal gangs.

Deepfake now act as an extra string in the bow for fraudsters, criminals and internet antagonists when it comes to phishing, hoaxes, smear campaigns, disinformation attacks, identity theft, financial fraud and blackmail.

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