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An example of the use of the wordironic, by you in this sentence, would, be the statement you make. It,s an excellent word and a well known meaning in yours. Irony definitionis the question of, what is and the answer is what is not in your case. However, despite all this, you still feel that perhaps you ought to give an explanation. You might as well start with the most simple one which is who are you and why are you here. You attempt to maintain composure until you can no longer do so. You dont really understand this questionYou are not really sure if you are supposed to be answering this question. On the one hand, you realize that you dont really have anything to say on the matter, but on the other hand you feel an urge to justify your presence here, so you speak up anyway. Or at the very least I am what I am perceived to be, as they call me in our little group. You say, trying to maintain your composure. You continueYou might be wondering why I was bothering to explain all of this to you, even though my explanation might not hold any real meaning. I was just trying to explain to you that you should not make yourself into the hero, because youre not really any better than a mere mortal, and this just goes to show that you dont become a shadow to be saved from your fate by whatever being will save you the most. To be perfectly honest, I am not even sure why I was here.

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