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Re too busy looking around at the various types of people in the various kinds of clothing. S a group of people who are somewhere in the middle of the damn continuum. I suggest you all just go home. You and your companion start to leave when the man with the dark skin suddenly turns to you. You open your mouth to protest when he grabs you by the arm and pulls you to his side. Okay, I got it, but what the hell do you want. The leader of this group will give us the run down of the situation. You agree and he leads you towards the center of the city. The man in the white robes speaks with you for a few moments before he speaks again. Now then, the leader of this group is the notorious terrorist known as Victor. Ll use whatever he can to get the upper hand in any battle or negotiation. This is something that we need to be aware of and prepared for in case we need to negotiate with him. One of the ways to do this however, is to make the assassination attempt. Re not sure if you should trust him anymore. S not like you can stop him.

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