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I am sending an army to start a new war with Iran and Iran is theenemy now and will be at war with us before we can fully respond.

You join the Iranians to fight backYou feel no allegiance to the Republic of Iraq and its leaders. You joined because of the promise of free food and water. You find an Iranian truck driver, a friend of yours who is with the truckers union and some other Iraqis who are willing to fight like you have. You know the fight to take the oilfields and the area around them will be bloody and you just feel like you have to do something to support the cause. You find a little village for a base camp, but make sure you keep your own people out of the fighting. When the fighting starts to get intense, you join other truckers for a caravan back to the border. You go through the area a few times, listening to the radio as much as you can. A rumor is going around that a tanker has gotten stuck in bad mud. The news reports that the US is sending a rescue team, but nothing happens. Eventually you reach the border area, and hear nothing about the rescue mission. Eventually you hear your truck stopped in a barbed-wire fence. The barbed wire is up, but the fence itself has been torn up. Suddenly there are three rifles raised and a rifle bullet whizzes by you. You are hit and you fall backward, a bullet going through your back. A hand grabs you and you hear a voice say, Its no use. But then that voice is just more gunfire going on. You know there is no way you are going to die here, so you push yourself up and get up. You dont know a lot of the details later, because you are in a lot of pain and in a lot of painkillers. When you wake up, you are in the same room, in the same bed as you were when you fell asleep a couple of days ago. The first thing you look at is the TV in the room. There is still a lot of background noise, but you manage to make out the news report of the US military helicopter that is coming down near youand it is shot down. The report says that there were only twelve people on board the helicopter, some of the casualties are in the same report, but the number is not mentioned in the report The helicopters gunships hit the helicopter, but one of the gunships misses, and it all goes down. You are pretty sure that the helicopter you were on was hit. The first thing that you do is see your family. They have been sleeping and now look up. You remember that you have been fighting the war from a base near their farm, so for some reason they are all at your farm.

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