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You have been watching too many movies, and not enough sports on TV, but you have been paying attention to the Iranian economy ever since you arrived in Tehran, I have been having too much fun here, youll see. I didnt have much of a chance to practice trading with the locals, since I was so focused on getting to meet my new friends, play sports, go to the movies, and get drunk. You take the time to practiceYou feel like you should be getting out of Iran, and moving on with your life. But, you know in some ways you could stay in Iran if you really wanted to stay in Iran. You could start trading with the locals and start living a life thats almost like you want to live. You even know how to pick up girls. You could probably even get yourself a wife to start your adventure in Iran a little more financially stable. You start practicing, but only with the people you knowYou look at the Iranian currency charts. You have an idea of a time and place that would work for you. You walk up to a couple of men standing nearby, one of them a slightly older man, the other a young man you dont recognize. Im from England, and Im just about ready to get out of the country. If you want to get out of Iran, this would be the place. Only those who dont know how to look are interested in trading with the foreigners. But if you want to get out of Iran, you can find me anytime. No Im not looking for someone to trade with, you say. Ive never done anything like this before. He says, Youve never left England, eh.

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