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Government has denied any role in the downing of the jet. Iran has also denied involvement although all sides have called a cease-fire. While Canada and Iran have had no formal diplomatic relations since 2012 after a short period of contact, they are still in contact regularly. There has been talk of a possible Canadian military convoy moving out of Iran during a ceasefire. Its just one of those things said Mike, who has been a military helicopter pilot since 1988,Were ready to go at any time he added. There were a few questions from reporters about the possible deployment of Canadian troops to Iraq, but the military did not announce plans to send troops to engage in combat operations. These are long-term deployments and they will be under the command of the Canadian Armed Forces who are the best equipped for the job said Lt. Michael Rouleau, commander of the Canadian Joint Operations Command, CJOCThe number of Canadian military advisors in Iraq is currently about 200, although some of them are part of a task force that is currently in southern Iraq, advising Iraqi security forces in their fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, ISISRouleau said there are also about 200 Canadian Regular Force personnel in northern Iraq, with the bulk of them operating out of CFB Trenton in southern Ontario. There are also some special forces advising Iraqi security forces. Canadas involvement in Iraq has been under sustained attack from opposition lawmakers, who have repeatedly questioned the commitment and effectiveness of the government and whether or not the mission is worth the cost. Canada has also been criticized by Human Rights Watch and the United Nations for human rights violations in Iraq. There have also been criticisms about the way that Canadian soldiers are being deployed, saying that they are being sent to a politically unstable region in the Middle East and are there for political rather than military reasons. In response to the criticism, Minister of National Defence Harjit Sajjan said, We are not just there to execute some kind of agenda. We are there to maintain stability in the region,To my knowledge, he continued, not a single Canadian soldier has been killed on the mission. The Canadian military has also stressed that they have been careful not to deploy forces in direct combat with ISIS, with the most recent case occurring on February 4, when two Canadian special forces soldiers were killed by an ISIS improvised explosive device in Iraq. Rouleau said the Canadians killed on that day were conducting a reconnaissance mission and were not at all engaged in combat. With files from The Canadian PressALSO:Syria peace talks on the verge of collapse, Russia saysKorea Times: Canadian soldier killed in Iraq was.

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