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Mp3The first ever Mac running iOS 7. 1, Photo by mikerli, Apple today launched iOS 7. Resolved an issue that affected text selection in Mail. Resolved an issue that caused Mail to sometimes crash in Mail. Resolved an issue that caused users with non-standard Bluetooth keyboards to not receive messages correctly. Resolved an issue that sometimes prevented some users from switching to Airplane Mode. Resolved an issue that could cause some users to lose their access to Safari tabs. Resolved an issue that prevented users from using the VoiceOver accessibility feature when the device was locked. Resolved an issue that may cause some users to lose contact information for contacts that were deleted under iOS 6. Resolved an issue that prevented some users with custom keyboards from performing the Shift delete gesture to delete text in Safari when using Apple keyboard shortcuts. Other changes include:The lock screen now features a new design. The Lock screen has been optimized for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The Lock screen now supports Slide Over on iPad Pro and iPad AirA new App Switcher screen has been introduced on iPhone. The app switcher now displays the latest version of the most recently used apps. A new AirDrop feature has been added in iOS 7. 1Resolved issue with third party keyboard settings in some cases causing the keyboard to be unresponsive. Other changes include:Improved the camera functionality when in portrait mode. The ability to set and show the date has been removed from the Camera app. The keyboard can now be used in landscape mode. Resolved the issue that may cause the app switcher to stop responding after a certain amount of time. Resolved the issue that prevents the Notification Center from refreshing for some users when opening a new message. The Messages app now has native iOS 8 supportPhotos now supports the RAW formatViewing photos on the iPhone 6s with the Camera app is no longer an issue. Resolved the issue that could cause a crash when selecting a photo from the camera roll. Resolved the issue that could prevent the Camera roll from correctly displaying the latest photos from previous sessions when using the Camera app. Improved the Camera app to enable a new feature that shows user-created albums in the Photos app. The Mail app now uses iCloud for messages sent directly from Messages, not from the Photos app.

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