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You add the new iPod Touch in your systemYou connect the new iPod with your computer by the USB Type-B connector and make sure the other earphones and other speakers are connected. At this point, you begin listening to your favorite songs. You begin the test and begin to make the selections that you intend to listen to. You can now select and listen more music as you like. You continue to listen to your songs as you have been doing up to now. You now listen to your music as you like. You think that you can now do something useful and start looking for something on the internet. Now, you are about to check your computer to see if there is anything you can find, but you decide that you will use this time to try to make another attempt on your previous tests. You begin to browse through the web, but everything is so chaotic that you are having a hard time looking up anything that you want to look up. The next few moments make you want to stop your efforts. You think that it is almost hopeless that you are going to be unable to look up some information about your old friends. You begin to wonder what you are going to do.

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