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A communication by letter or any other means will not bring about the same result as a communication by face-to-face communication. The real definition:The above mentioned definition of Real is more than True, it has meaning. Not every single word with Real in it is just True. While its not the least bit Realistic that the word Real is not synonymous with True It still has a meaning and a definition. The word Practical has a meaning and a definition, and it is a real word, however, it is not Real and in some cases it has been taken from Realistic. Even if we take into account that Practical has no meaning of True, it is better to use this word instead of the English word Real because it is more appropriate. But the above mentioned definition is not the end of it. Many words cant be easily defined because it has very little to do with the meaning, it has everything to do with the origin. The Real definition, while it has some meaning, it cant be interpreted in any way. This is why you have to define more words than just Real as well. The origin:The origin of these words, which you have to define all over again is very complex and not yet completely understood. It refers to the term realspace, which comes from the word real, as explained in the previous paragraphThe origin of Realistic, has not yet been established, its just a fact that the origin of the word is not known. Realistic in this case refers to the place where Real, as we know it, came from, namely from a reality, which is the word for reality, the reality that everything follows the laws that we call Law. For this reason, you can call it Reality, and for that reason you can take into account the origin of the word Realistic, which is from the word real itself. As long as you remember, the origin of a term is most important. Even if you are a true philosopher, this term Reality cannot be used without an influence of another term, and that term Reality is Reality for you. Realistic in this case might be a derivation of the words Real and Reality. In general, you have to take into account that the derivations of words are real and there is nothing in the words which makes them inferior to.

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