Interior trends homeowners should ‘avoid’ in 2023 – looks ‘stuffy’

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Styled UK share tips on best interior colour combinations

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From timeless heritage to dopamine decor, interiors are in for a revamp in 2023. With this in mind, six interior design experts across different sectors have predicted the next biggest home trends to take the property world by storm – and which ones to avoid. Here are their predictions…

French country

Jonathan Warren, director and bed specialist at Time4Sleep said he’s expecting to see bedroom style move towards a softer, neutral decor palette in 2023.

This will be all about creating a relaxed sleep space with French country-style decor being a key feature in bedrooms. However, there are things homeowners need to “avoid” to get this right.

He said: “Avoid bold colours and prints with bright pops of colour, instead opt for decor that falls into the categories of light and airy, as a French-style bedroom needs to avoid being stuffy and distracting and instead warm and inviting.

“French-style beds are romantic and chic in style so be on the lookout for a headboard with sweeping curves – a wooden frame is a must too, given the French country style takes inspiration from nature. To accessorise, choose bedding and accompanying cushions in a range of rustic tones.”

Flawsome designs

Maryanne Cartwright, Head of Design at Graham and Brown said she expects that the desire to decorate with sustainability in mind will continue to be prevalent in 2023.

She explained: “We’ll see interiors that embrace the Flawsome trend, a design quality that celebrates the imperfections in previously hidden objects or artworks by restoring their beauty and giving them a new life.

“This idea that we can curate a unique identity by marrying the old with the new and re-working preloved materials, is something that we predict to see in modern interior design.”

Timeless heritage

Carolina Hansson, Head of Design at Luxury Flooring & Furnishings said there may be a return of that “classic, timeless, heritage style next year”.

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This will include hues of sage green and deep blues. These colours have grown in popularity recently along with a modern classic style which incorporates shades of wood and panelling.

She added: “We’re seeing strong uplifts in sales for herringbone parquet flooring, especially in lighter oak shades which works really nicely in contrast with these tones.

“This style of flooring is classic and timeless whilst giving added texture that can really elevate a room.

“An added benefit that many are sure to be considering in the new year is that herringbone flooring can increase home value by up to 15 percent. With house prices likely to drop further, it’s a great investment.”

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Boho rattan

Bohemian and rattan trends have continued to be popular over the last year and it seems the trend will continue into 2023.

Mr Warren explained: “Rattan beds have also seen a surge in popularity over the past year as the bohemian interior trend has grown.

“Providing a textured neutral base for decor to suit your personal style, rattan is a great option if you’re shopping for new furniture with a boho feel.

“The bohemian trend is centred around showing off your personal style with a curated clutter feel where everything has its own place, even though it may not be perfectly matched in colour and texture – so don’t feel like you need to limit yourself, clashing patterns are welcome!”

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Dopamine dressing

Dopamine dressing will continue to be all the rage next year, bringing a pop of colour into interiors with bright accents and high pigment colours.

Kate Salmon, Homeware Buyer at Oliver Bonas said: “Dopamine dressing is here to stay as we head into the new year – perfect in the grey of winter when we need colour the most! Upgrade your neutrals by welcoming a vibrant colour palette that pours joy into your living space.

“The wonderful thing about adding pops of colour is that it doesn’t require an entire overhaul, it’s actually very easy to pull off by adding joyful accents to your existing space. Experiment with colourful wall art and mismatched photo frames on a gallery wall and drape your sofa with exuberantly coloured throws and piled cushions for an instant refresh.”

Amy Wilson, Interior Designer for 247 Blinds & 247 Curtains added: “Colour saturation will be big in 2023 – taking paint colours up walls over ceilings in bold saturated colours is an easy way to inject a new lease of life into your home. Add floor-length curtains in a coordinating or even matching fabric and you will add instant drama.”

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