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You see the result: Inter has won this match. Atalanta has lost and thus you got what you wanted and it was at least worth the wait for you. Well that was certainly a great win today, I think it could have been even better in some moments you say and immediately start to make some calls on your mobile. You are now on the topic of the game you played earlier today. You have seen the result and your team did indeed win. It just wasnt enough for you though, you want more. You have two teams to choose from, Inter and Atalanta. Hmm, the one with the most goals probably wins, what about that team anyway. You go with AtalantaAh, yes and the game with the most goals wins. You see, and that one seems to be Atalanta right now. As for whom you wish to play, you have to go with Atalanta. They are all a bit surprised, but cheer you up by cheering Atalanta on as well. Atalanta will win and win easily as usual, that is the name of the game. Well the Atalantas have won the series with Inter, then, someone says, we should go celebrate with them. You and your team all join Atalanta in celebrating with the rest of them. Well, we won; that is the name of the game, you say. The next morning comes and you wake up early, you are going to go check on some things before your match and you decide that you will try to make sure you can call everyone on the touchline now. You see that you are on the topic of who the next opponent will be: Inter and Atalanta. You go with InterAt least the results are a lot closer. You all decide that this match will come down to who gets the ball on the defensive side, and go to sleep. While you sleep, you dream that,Ridiculous. You think as you look at Atalantas team. They are simply not fit to be the Inters opponents, to get to win this match. But if they are not fit enough to face the Nerazzurri, how fit can they be to face us.

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