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As you can see, the game is already beginning in the Inter- team favor. Meanwhile, the video shows a large crowd watching the Inter game. Some even try to give a shoutout to Zidane. As you go to the stadium, you see Zidane talking with the referee. In the middle of the video you see a picture of Inter Coach Walter Mazzarri, accompanied by a caption:Walter Mazzarri by G. You cant believe your heart, considering all the hardships he has faced through life. You are sitting on the bench in the first team in the biggest game and it is being celebrated by his greatest supporter. Zidane has been doing a lot in the last few years to help Inter get back to a winning way, which has not been the case in years. Zinedine Zidane, if youre here, then Ive been in the right place. The coach and his right hand man have been sitting on the bench and talking for a while but this is the first time that you have seen them interacting. Ive known Walter for 25 years, hes a friend for life. The Coach raises his hand and a red card is pulled out from his pocket, waving it at you. You have to admit, it makes you smile: the coach has your number. You can count on me to help you win the first leg. Just please, do not make any racist comments. His hand gestures are so small, you are not sure what they are talking about. This referee is doing a great job tonight, so just focus on the game. It is only then that you realize that you are a spectator for the first leg of the match. You can see the referee talking with Mazzarri, but what to make of everything. You say No way, Im not on your team. He has played with me since the first team. Hes also a big Inter fan and a very good tactician. Im not on his team and neither is he on my team, we are all friends. I do believe that we will win this game though, because I dont think Zidane can handle this referee. Well if thats true, then you do have some courage. Good luck, but dont let me see your face again in the away kit.

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