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When you first moved in, you had to get used to the fact that there was no free supermarket. There was no way to get free milk or cheese because there was none. D give it to you for free, but they also charged a delivery fee. D do anything to get your groceries from here. T have a house fire or some other misfortune come storming down on you. T care anymore You get an announcement that your free delivery for the next hour has been claimed by someone. T think about it, you just go about your day. You go to work and check the news while you wait for your groceries. S not the usual crime and terror alerts anymore. Just before you head to the grocery store with your shopping, you get a knock on the door. M Homey, I just dropped off some stuff. You hear a voice say through the door. I used to live here before I got married. Re pretty sure is your neighbor, explains the situation. T get a chance to see my husband. M not here to rob you of your wedding day. S just I never got to see him on my wedding day. I was married to my uncle for like eleven years, never got to see him for our wedding, now this is my first wedding. I mean this stuff about the world ending is definitely something to think about.

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