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TAKE a look inside the world's most advanced caravan with the tiny home boasting a full-size shower and a 270-degree view of scenery.

The new EV beats traditional motorhomes as it pulls its own weight, powers your home while parked – and you only need your iPhone to control it.

The Pebble Flow has been recently unveiled by a California-based startup earlier this month.

Pebble manufacturers shared a sneak peek into the jaw-dropping vehicle before its official debut in LA.

The self-moving motor spans 25 ft in length and it can fit up to four passengers.

Once inside, campers can feel just like home with a Queen-sized Murphy bed and a full-shower.

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And can work comfortably from its flip-down desk or cook at the kitchen – including a full-size fridge, a cooktop and a microwave.

Its futuristic interior allows campers to have a 270-degree panoramic view.

The EV also comes with AC and plenty of charging entries – so drivers can use public chargers, home wallbox or campsite socket top-ups. 

For those dreading to manually hitch their camper vans, the 'Magic Hitch' feature can automatically attach the truck to the ground.

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Drivers can also use auto-levelling stabilisers to set up camp on uneven terrains or get back on the road in seconds.

The camper van runs entirely on electricity, with a 1kW solar panel system that charges a powerful 45kWh battery – which charges the trailer even when parked. 

And the lavish features continue.

The high-tech truck comes without manual as everything you need is in your pocket.

iPhone users will be able to remotely control the caravan using the Pebble Flow app – with an Android version still under development.

Tech enthusiasts only need to direct the vehicle through the remote panel using the multiple settings and options.

EV drivers can control cabin temperatures, interior lights, lock doors and change driving modes.

Pebble claims drivers will be able to instruct the vehicle to park itself into tight spots and spaces.

Motorists can secure theirs at a whopping £90,000 or over £100,000 with the ‘Magic Pack’ – which includes the smart features.

The Pebble Flow is expected to hit showrooms by the end of 2024.

It comes as Jenson Button's former motorhome was on sale at a bargain £85,000.

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