Inside Spiderman star Tom Holland’s luxurious car collection – including electric Porsche and £500,000 Rolls-Royce SUV

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SPIDERMAN star Tom Holland is living a life most of us can only dream of.

The multi-millionaire actor is frequently hailed by fans as box office dynamite, and he's settled and happy in a relationship with the beautiful Zendaya.

But petrol-heads will find most to envy in his collection of luxury cars.

The Avengers: Infinity War actor, who made his West End debut at the age of just 12, owns an astonishing treasure trove of top-end vehicles.

And his favourite brand is immediately obvious.

Tom favours Audis, choosing the make for two-thirds of his collection, reports.

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One of his favourites is the Audi RS7 Sportback, a twin-turbo four-litre model with all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The car, which packs in 591 horsepower, accelerates from 0 to 60mph in three seconds.

When outfitted with the most dynamic package, it can achieve a peak speed of about 190mph.

It costs a little under £100,000 to buy.

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His Audi R8 has a massive V-10 engine and a top speed of 205mph.

The car costs around £125,000.

There’s also an Audi RS7, which features a blacked-out grille and flared wheel.

It has a four-litre twin-turbo V8 engine with 591 horsepower and a peak speed of 190mph.

The auto, developed as a power-assist hybrid, is worth £92,000.


The last of the Audis is a rather more sensible Q7, which is best-suited for additional towing and costs just over £45,000.

But those four cars – already worth a whopping £724,000 – aren't the only valuable motors in his collection.

He also owns a sleek and gorgeous Cullinan Black Badge Rolls Royce, which retails for an astonishing £400,000, and a Porsche Taycan Turbo S worth £148,000.

The Black Badge is the Brit company's first ever SUV.

It features a darker trim on the outside and additional one-of-a-kind features inside.

The top-of-the-range car is powered by a a 6.75-liter V12 twin-turbo engine, and it boasts a whopping 562 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque.


It accelerates 62mph in just five seconds and has a 155mph peak speed.

In total, it means Tom's cars cost just a little under £1.3million.

However, his heaving garage pales in comparison to the one owned by Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Last year, the couple splashed out on Rolls-Royce's Boat Tail supercar, worth an astonishing £20m.

The flashy convertible is the world’s most expensive new car and has a built-in fridge to keep champagne at a perfect temperature of six degrees, a parasol, cocktail tables and chairs.

Cristiano Ronaldo's collection is reportedly worth £17m and features some of the world’s most sought after motors.

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