Inside Ivanka Trump’s £20 million Florida mansion

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Ivanka Trump has been keeping her fans updated on her life through Instagram living out in the sun in her beautiful $24 million home in Florida. The former-aide has been enjoying herself since she announced she would not be joining her father Donald Trump in his bid to retake the White House in the 2024 presidential election.

On Instagram, Ivanka recently shared a Valentine’s Day update with her followers which showed her sharing an extravagant meal on the beach alongside her three children and husband Jared Kushner. The family has been living the beach life away from politics since they purchased their fixer-upper Miami mansion in 2021, a few months after Donald Trump stepped down as president.

The mansion originally looked very run-down, as pictures of the massive estate originally on real estate websites showed the 1.26-acre pool water had turned green with age and the last recorded update for the home had been in 1994. The realtor’s website simply stated that the mansion had been under unspecified “remodelling” but was on the market.

Now however, the beautiful home is looking modern and fit for a family, as it boosts a 1.3-acre estate with a now stunning 8, 519 square foot mansion on the land. The mansion has a French neo-classical look to it with a flat roof, and arched windows with a balcony that overlooks the now-renovated pool with are surrounded by lush green palm trees.

Inside the foyer, a crystal chandelier dangles from a 26-foot ceiling which a massive double staircase. According to the estate website, the foyer leads to a screening room, an entertainment room, an office, a gym plus a primary bedroom which contains two bathrooms.

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Ivanka’s mansion sits in the famous Indian Creek Village, which is also known as the “world’s most exclusive municipality”. Famous residents that have lived in the neighbourhood include NFL star Tom Brady, musician Julio Iglesias and Bob Diener, the founder of

The island only has 34 homes but has a private police force to keep the residents safe. It is surrounded by beaches and clubs for the residents to have fun in, including an 18-hole golf course in the middle of the island.

The only way to get onto the luxurious neighbourhood is by a single bridge which is guarded by a gatehouse. There is also a 24-hour-marine patrol that keeps an eye on the waters near the neighbourhood to ensure the privacy of the residents.

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When Donald Trump announced to next bid for the White House, Ivanka put out a statement saying her plan was to not be involved in politics and instead wished to prioritise her children.

Since then, the former White House advisor has been active on social media showing her Flordia lifestyle, and fans have been enjoying seeing the more relaxed side of Ivanka. In her recent Valentine’s Day post, fans praised Ivanka, as one user wrote: “I’m glad to see you enjoying your life with your family.”

Another person said: “It is lovely to see how much your boys have grown” while someone else said: “So nice to see you doing family activities in the sun! Hope you are enjoying your new life.”

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