Inside Chequers: The 1,500-acre property where Boris & Carrie planned their wedding party

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Boris Johnson welcomes the President of Kenya to Chequers

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The recent resignation of Boris Johnson has meant that him and his wife Carrie have had to find a new venue for their long-overdue wedding reception. The outgoing Prime Minister was planning to hold his wedding reception at Chequers this month, a 16th century estate and mansion owned by the Government. The couple are now reportedly seeking a new venue to celebrate their wedding which took place in May 2021.

With Chequers now in the spotlight, takes a look at the stately home and it’s rich history.

What is Chequers?

Chequers has been home to UK prime ministers for more than 100 years.

The property is the country residence of the UK prime minister.

The first Prime Minister to be housed there was David Lloyd George in 1921.

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The incredible estate was a gift to the nation from British diplomat Arthur Lee.

Where is Chequers?

The property is located in the picturesque countryside in Buckinghamshire.

The home is in a convenient location, just under 40 miles and 90 minutes from 10 Downing Street – the Prime Minister’s London home and offices.

What is Chequers like inside?

The property sits on an impressive 1,500-acre estate with a tennis court and heated swimming pool.

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There are also 10 bedrooms and an incredible collection of 190 pieces of artwork.

The property is Grade-I listed with walled gardens and a driveway that spans half a kilometre.

The driveway is lined with Beech trees which were donated by former Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

The home also has an orangery and costs British taxpayers an eye-watering £916,000 every year.

Prime Ministers must pay for any personal entertaining at Chequers out of their own pocket.

Chequers also houses national antiques and books which are located in the “long room”.

One such artefact is the diary of Admiral Lord Nelson.

The collection is not open to the public.

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Many of the rooms in the property include high ceilings, intricately-carved ceilings and traditional panelling.

Large, original fireplaces can be seen in many of the rooms.

What is Chequers used for?

The property is often used to host cabinet events.

Some notable visitors to the home include Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, former US President Donald Trump, Former Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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