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You look up the City part of your nameAs soon as you enter the bar, its name becomes clear. Its the largest city in the Philippines, and part of the island of Luzon. This city serves as the commercial and economic center of the area, and is known as a safe haven for people wishing to leave a country thats increasingly dangerous. The barkeeper gives a small smile but remains silent. As you peruse the list of names and prices listed, you see theres no particular hurry to get back to your room. After all this is your first time here, and you think you should probably take your time. Theres only one name you see that catches your eye, and its not on the list. You walk over to the bar, and pick up one of the newspaper, opening it to a small page at the front. It doesnt quite sound like a new song. You take a look at the City partAs you put the paper down, your eyes scan over the list listed above. Still, as you look at the city you think you see a few words in English in the papers tiny font. They seem to be the names of a few buildings, and as you read over the list a little you cant make out the words, but you can hear the sounds of their sounds behind the letters. You keep looking over the list, and it seems to you that the city has been divided into small sections, and there are a lot more buildings in each section. After youve read over the list and tried to make out the words the sounds seem to disappear, but you can still make out the words:This newspaper was donated by the owner of the bar. You take a look at the City part of your nameYou look at the bar owner, and remember how youve had dreams about her. As you continue to stare at the top of the small list that the barkeep has set down, you take a look at the part where youve written your name in smaller, hard to see letters. The name of the bar seems tiny, almost like an eraser smeared across a piece of paper. The top part of the name is in small, tight brushstrokes, and the bottom part is in more of a messy handwriting, but with bigger words in it. You read the next, and the next name down the list of the bars.

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