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You leave the bathroom, as you see a woman dressed in traditional Thai clothing enter. You ignore herYou ignore her as you step outside, and enter your car. This woman who just arrived, then left, then left again at your car, then back into the same place, is surely not your girlfriend. The woman then starts arguing with you as you drive off. You ignore herYou ignore her, but still try to avoid her as you drive towards your destination. You start your car and waitYou start your car and wait as you drive outside your neighborhood. The woman, once again, does not return your calls, at which point you decide its best to leave her. You drive your car to go back home and get out, only to find that the woman is there waiting for you. You are surprised, but decide to let her in and see what she wants. You pull out the lock of the door, and she enters. She starts, but you cut her off. Im sorry, Im not interested, you say. I cant help you, otherwise I would have let you inside. Im sorry, she says, and leaves you, and you leave your home and return home. You now have no choice but to go back to the tattoo parlor to get your tattoo changed. It takes another two weeks, but you still feel bad about it, so you give it up completely for good. You do feel a little funny about everything though. On a scale of 1-10, how much did you enjoy this story. 7 She had me laughing, but I wasnt laughing with her. 6 She was entertaining, but I did feel a bit uncomfortable around her. 5 It still had me laughing, but I didnt like her. 4 It was hilarious and I had an extreme amount of fun while reading it. 3 It was still fun, but I didnt like her that much. 2 I couldnt see myself ever enjoying this story. You leave the tattoo parlorYou leave the tattoo parlor with no tattoos, and you go back to your car. You return to your homeYou once again drive to your home, only this time you enter your back door, where the tattoo par.

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