Ingraham encourages Americans to boycott watching Beijing Olympics over China's human rights violations

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Not one minute: The Ingraham Angle is laying down a marker

Laura Ingraham says the cries of the Uyghurs, the people of Hong Kong and everyone who wants to know the truth about COVID are just too loud to ignore

In her “Ingraham Angle” commentary on Monday, host Laura Ingraham explained Americans should ignore coverage of the upcoming Beijing Olympics due to continued human rights abuses by the Chinese Communist Party against Uyghurs, Hong Kong residents, and the Xi regime’s refusal to be fully transparent about the origins of COVID-19.

“Not one minute,” Ingraham said. “It was only two years ago that China was furiously working to cover up the truth about the virus that would ravage the globe and change American society in profound ways. They had this show and even President Trump praising their efforts. But the disturbing truth eventually came out about China.”

FILE – Chinese President Xi Jinping stands in front of national flags of China and Republic of Congo during a meeting with visting Congolese dignitaries at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, Tuesday, July 5, 2016. China on Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2021, urged its citizens to leave three provinces in eastern Congo as violence intensifies in the mineral-rich region. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan, Pool, File)
(AP Photo/Ng Han Guan, Pool, File)

Ingraham added that Chinese labs subsequently had genetic sequencing of the virus within a short period, but the results were blocked by the Xi administration.

“The data wasn’t made public until January 11th,” she said. “Then there were enormous delays in the global response and the development of vaccines and effective strategies to slow the virus’s spread.”

She explained the world is still unclear whether the purported lab leak was an accident, but added that gain of function research has been funded by the NIAID, which has been lead by Dr. Anthony Fauci since the 1980s.

“Of course, the CCP refuses to fess up to any part of this, and they never provided unfettered access to the lab data or the samples. They never took responsibility for this virus. They never offered compensation for any of the victims,” Ingraham said. 

Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey was one of the harshest critics of Georgia’s election security law, but the company is one of the key sponsors of China’s Olympic Games next month.

“China did, however, lock down millions of its own citizens and made certain inconvenient scientists disappear. And then they went on to brag about how effective their response was to the virus.”

“This was all happening as China was crushing dissent in Hong Kong and committing ongoing atrocities against its ethnic Muslim minorities; the Uyghurs.”

Collectively, Beijing’s behavior should be a strong signal that Americans shun the Olympics coverage on NBC beginning next month. She underlined that a boycott is not a judgment of the athletes taking part, but simply the Olympics permission for China to host such a “propaganda coup” in the midst of dueling scandals.

“After all this, the CCP is going to be rewarded with a huge propaganda coup: the athletes of the world will be traveling to compete in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 4. How obscene,” she said.

Ingraham noted that there was national outcry over Atlanta’s initial position as planned host of the MLB All-Star Game, which was later moved to Colorado.

She played clips of several executives, including Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey and Delta Airlines CEO Edward Bastian, blasting the state’s new election security law as some type of voter suppression and “hurting Black and Brown people,” in the words of the latter executive.

“Atlanta wasn’t allowed to host Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game, but China was allowed to host the [Olympic] Games,” Ingraham lamented. “This is grotesque and it’s sickening. This is why the Ingraham Angle announced not one minute.”

“Now we can’t force a boycott, but we can pledge not to spend one minute watching NBC’s coverage of President Xi-ocide’s Olympics,” she said. 

“Think about it this way. Every minute you watch, you put money in the pocket of those profiting off the Communist PR coup. And you all know that I love sports and we love our athletes and we celebrate them, and we’re going to celebrate them upon their return. But we will respond to this hideous sellout by corporate America and the only language they understand money. The corporations that have decided to sponsor the torture games like Visa, Coca-Cola and Intel – they must hear from you.”

“We’re tired of pretending that the CCP operates under some kind of rule of law, and we’re also tired of buying things made with their slave labor. We will not support companies who help the CCP. We will not vote for politicians who help the CCP. We will not celebrate President Xi’s dictatorship… the journalists and everyone who wants to know the truth about COVID are just too loud to ignore.”

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