Influencer's dream car which comes with its own DRONE to take selfies while driving set to be released in the UK

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A CAR which comes with its own DRONE that flies alongside snapping selfies of the driver is coming to the UK.

The dream motor will give owners the "ultimate" selfie thanks to the drone on the Swedish-made Polestar O₂.

The autonomous drone can even be launched from the back of the electric car when travelling at speeds of up to 56mph.

Polestar's head of design Maximilian Missoni explained: "Integrating an autonomous cinematic drone was something that allowed us to push the boundaries on the innovation front."

The drone is hidden in a panel behind the rear window.

When the driver wants it to launch, a press of a button opens a panel at the back and the launch pad extends towards the back of the car.

To enable lift-off, engineers have developed a specialised aerofoil that raises to create the right conditions to allow the drone to take off.

The driver can even chose how they would like to be filmed with both atmospheric and action-filled sequences available.

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It can then fly above the vehicle "to record the perfect driving sequence".

Once filming is complete, the drone will return to "base" before it is concealed back inside its secret compartment.

The driver can then pull over and edit the captured film before posting it straight to social media from the comfort of their car.


Named after the chemical formula for Oxygen, the car is being developed in the UK for production from around 2025.

A team of 280 specialist automotive engineers based in Coventry and North Warwickshire will work on the motor.

However, it's not yet decided whether the drone accessory will make it to the final production model.

Polestar said: "In a world increasingly driven by social media, the Polestar O₂ features an autonomous cinematic drone integrated behind the rear seats."

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