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Product making and manufacturing are what makes Life better. You sit down on the rock, breathing heavily. I think Im going to be sick, you say. Look, the shaman says, you can drink as much as you want, but this could be your last shot, alright. The man turns and walks away, leaving you alone with a drink in your hand. Thanks, you say, as you take a drink to try to help you through this. You lay down on your rock again, and try to relax. It is very dark now, all around you is pitch black, and you are alone. You close your eyes, and youre still. You begin to think about the pain of losing your home and everything that followed. You think of all the times youve tried to keep it safe for your tribe. You think of your wife and kids, and how you dont know what would have become of them. You try to be braveYou think youre strong enough. You go to the rock and drink your drink. Food and Drug Administration has approved a new class of painkillers for children: the synthetic versions of the opioid hydrocodone. The new drugs, Hydromorph Contin and Hydromorph, are identical except that the active ingredient, a synthetic version of hydrocodone, is removed. The FDA says its approval was based on two studies, one small, one larger, of just over 4,000 pediatric patients, that are being published today in The Journal of the American Medical Association. This makes Hydromorph the only medication approved to treat severe pain in children with moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms associated with withdrawal from narcotic medications such as hydrocodone. The FDA has previously approved the new medication in adults for the treatment of severe pain. The FDAs approval will provide more options to parents who are facing a complicated decision about the use of opioids in treating severe, refractory pain in their children, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said in a statement Friday. We are reviewing the new products, as all new medications, and their safety and effectiveness will be confirmed.

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