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Well at least we know what the word revolution means. T at least make a show of taking over. T be surprised if the plan was just to take over the military and make it a shadow government. T really do a lot of good at that point. M sure there would still be a great deal of chaos resulting from these constant power struggles in your own city. T see why this has anything to do with the robot situation we were talking about earlier. I mean the Industrial revolution was all about creating better products and the robots that we have now were just going to be more efficient production lines. Like do you really think this is the most efficient way of using the robots. I mean why not just build a whole new industry. T these robots still need to eat. I thought we were having a serious conversation about this supposed robot uprising. S just focus on this here robot and not on the far more complicated question of our national economy and other such things. Re probably going to take a hell of a long time to get under control. M just saying if we start building military fortifications right now, it might be best not to wait that long. It just might cause a bigger reaction than we want if we start.

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