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You write down your notes with some confidence, writing down a few more details as well as the names of the people you talk to. T easy at all, but considering you are only doing this for your own protection, you start getting more focused. Ve probably been able to gather enough information that you can draw some conclusions. Re probably not going to get anywhere with this, but hopefully some of the information you have will be useful to someone else so you can feel better about yourself. Re done you do feel a sense of accomplishment of a task that you thought was impossible. Six years since you last saw Roldan. He and Nalistri had the same idea to leave the city and go on a journey and attempt to find something more important to do than just sit around in the capital. Ral took over after Nalistri went on the trip and left the capital in the care of the Grand Alliance. For the next few years you were stuck in the capital for the military. No longer were you a mere soldier who was sent on a job, you were a major player in that job. Eventually you had to return to the capital to report to the emperor on your findings. During that report, you hear about a great fire that had destroyed most of Teckleville, but not everything, a small band of survivors wandered for weeks to the border before they were discovered and quickly killed as were the few survivors of the first fire. This small group of people is the last known living witnesses to the fire that consumed the capital itself. They are the last known survivors of the Second Empire and have never been seen or heard from again. A report is sent out about what happened to the Capital State.

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