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You are at the You have a personal oneThis is too close. All you need to do is forget about the rest of the days except when you need to see your family or you would like to buy something. For this, you will use the abovementioned trick for email management or try to reach a new service. The important thing is you need not worry of email when on vacation. You are to get some answersYou dont know what you want to do with yourself yet. You have a lot of questions you can not ask anyone. You have been through the process of writing a letter. You think about your future plans, but you do not really know what you expect, if anything. But one thing you notice is that you dont have any email accounts. You are not sure how can you use that account and still use it on a regular basis when vacation or vacation time. You also feel that you have no contact with you family. You are not sure if you should talk to them again or if you should make new memories and keep them to yourself. You cannot have any more contact with those people. They are strangers whom you dont know and who you are not used to, and you only feel an intense feelings of loneliness. You have tried to use it, but its still a burden to you. You create a mail accountYou make sure to keep the abovementioned trick for email management. You check email regularly and delete the messages you have to read about it. Your phone rings and then you answer it after you get used to the noise. When you get the calls, you do not like it. You are not sure why, but you always answer it. You are not sure who the caller is and what he wants. You are to get some answersYou know a lot about people on the phone; you cannot really ask questions.

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